Rivian Charging Scores should be standard for EVs [Feature]

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian recently rolled out its OTA.11 (over-the-air) update, releasing its Charging Scores feature. Rivian Charging Scores should be standard for electric vehicles (EVs). 

One barrier still blocking complete EV adoption in the auto industry is charging infrastructure. While many companies have entered the charging market, reliability remains a concern for EV owners and consumers considering their first EV purchase. 

Unreliable EV charging networks have become a major issue in the EV market. EV owners have spotted recurring issues with charging stations that occur in different chargers from varying companies.

Some common problems EV owners encounter at charging stations include station connectivity issues, internal station faults or errors, charging connector/cable compatibility, credit card reader issues, and problems with the display screen. Limited charging stalls and slow charging speeds are also at the top of the list. 

Rivian’s Charging Scores provide essential data to R1 drivers on the road. It provides charging stations with grades between A and F. 

“When a Rivian driver plugs into a fast charger on any network, including Tesla Superchargers, the vehicle logs relevant data such as the charger’s average top speed, payment success, and overall charge session success. When enough Rivian drivers have used a given charging site, we dynamically assign that site a reliability score from A (highest) to F (lowest) based on those critical performance factors,” states Rivian’s release notes for OTA.11.

Rivian integrates Charging Scores with its trip planner, making long road trips more convenient for R1 owners. Charing Scores would also save drivers time. If implemented in other EV brands, Rivian’s Charging Scores could help other EV drivers, too.

Rivian’s trip planner will prioritize routes toward A or B-ranked charging sites. However, on roads less traveled, R1 drivers will likely be given routes that lead to charging sites with lower scores. 

The company’s Charging Scores feature will provide higher grades to charging sites with plug-and-charge compatibility since R1 drivers can quickly pay with the credit card linked to their Rivia account. Charging Scores consider ease of payment in its grade, and other fast-charging providers have their own apps to accept payments.

Charging Scores works with Rivian’s Adventure Network, the Tesla Supercharger Network, and Electrify America. Rivian R1 drives gained access to Tesla Superchargers last month, and reviews have been positive. It would be interesting to see the scores of Tesla’s Superchargers and other charging networks on Rivian’s new feature. 

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