Rivian rolls out ‘Charging Scores’ for real-world charging reliability

Rivian has rolled out a new feature known as “Charging Scores,” which gives drivers the ability to see how reliable a fast charger is based on real-world experience from other owners.

Rivian rolled out the feature in a recent Over-the-Air software update that works for both R1T and R1S owners.

Charging Score helps owners evaluate the reliability of fast chargers, including Tesla Superchargers, on a grade scale of A to F. Data that is relevant to the charging experience, including a specific stall’s top speed, payment success, and overall charge session success, are logged by the vehicle when it is plugged in.

“When enough Rivian drivers have used a given charging site, we dynamically assign that site a reliability score from A (highest) to F (lowest) based on those critical performance factors,” Rivian writes.

Credit: Rivian

Charging scores are also integrated into the trip planner, which gives drivers on long road-distance trips ease of mind.

“When our navigation calculates the best driving route based on your desired arrival range and preferred charging networks, it prioritizes the fast charging sites with better scores for the best experience.”

Keys to a Better Charging Experience

Rivian is also advising EV owners to take some steps to improve their charging experience and the potential score of a charging stall.

Rivian’s charging score system will primarily steer drivers toward A and B-ranked sites, but if a trip is off of main roads, lower-graded stalls could be suggested for charging.

  • Ensure Valid Payment – “When you plug into the Rivian Adventure Network, a Tesla Supercharger, and other charging networks with plug-and-charge compatibility, the credit card linked to your Rivian account is automatically billed.”
  • Plan your Rivian trip early – “The more Rivian drivers who plug in at different fast-charging sites, the faster we’ll be able to calculate the site’s charging score and the sooner we’ll be able to recommend more high-scoring charging sites to all Rivian drivers.”

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Rivian rolls out ‘Charging Scores’ for real-world charging reliability
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