Rivian owner demonstrates Tesla Supercharger access

(Credit: Rivian)

Rivian owners are starting to test their Tesla Supercharger access and are discovering how easy charging can be at non-Rivian charging stations–only with Tesla.

On Monday, March 18, Rivian announced that R1 owners’ access to fast chargers has doubled. The electric vehicle (EV) startup said that R1 vehicles can now access over 15,000 Tesla superchargers

A few Rivian R1 owners have already tested out Tesla Superchargers, and the initial reviews are good. For instance, R1S owner Jenna Ezarik tested the NACS (North American Charging Standard) DC adapter at a compatible Tesla Supercharger station

Ezarik pointed out that not all Supercharger stations are “compatible” with non-Tesla EVs. Rivian made finding a compatible Supercharger station more accessible through the infotainment system.

“This was also super easy to use. All I did was plug in the adaptor and plug it into the Rivian, and I didn’t open any additional apps. It just worked,” she said. 

Sasha and Jesse from Mountain Pass Performance made a YouTube video of their Tesla Supercharger experience charging a Rivian R1T.

“We’ve only had our Rivian for two months, so we haven’t had to endure non-Tesla fast charging for long. Thank goodness the nightmare is over!” they wrote in the description of their video. 

Sasha and Jesse’s video description hints at the quality of service third-party charging stations offer non-Tesla electric vehicle owners. The pair commented that charging their Rivian R1T at a Tesla Supercharger was flawless and fast. 

Out of Spec Studios charged his Rivian R1T at a Tesla Supercharger stall in his post on X. He pointed out that the NACS DC adapter will be provided to Rivian R1 owners at no cost. Rivian announced that R1 owners can expect to receive NACS DC adapters by April.

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Rivian owner demonstrates Tesla Supercharger access
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