Fake “Starlink Iran” website with Bitcoin payments launched in apparent scam


A rather sketchy website appears to be looking to cash in on the massive demand for Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet service. The website features a lot of similarities from Starlink’s official website — but it also includes a number of alarming hints that something is amiss. 

The existence of the alleged “Starlink” site was shared initially by Reddit and Twitter users from Iran, who immediately noted that the “” website was most certainly a scam. This was partly due to the fact that Iran is not open for Starlink orders yet, and the website included several claims that were most certainly red flags

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These included a hardware fee of $249 and a monthly service fee of $49 per month. Those who follow Starlink’s progress would immediately know that these prices are untrue, as the cost of the satellite internet kit today is listed as $499, while monthly services cost $99. The cherry on top on the “Starlink Iran” website was a message telling visitors that all payments are “confidential and are made through Bitcoin.” 

A look at the registrar information of the sketchy “” website shows that the domain is listed under Dynadot, LLC, a web hosting company with an address listed in San Mateo, CA. Dynadot, LLC’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) page notes that the company has been around for 18 years, and it has active social media accounts. 

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Strangely enough, the company’s social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook have thousands of followers but very few engagements, with some users of the platforms complaining over spam. Dynadot did respond to a 1-star review filed on BBB last year, however, directing the complainant to their email. 

It’s perfectly understandable why some people would be willing to pay a premium to get Starlink service. There are numerous countries in the world, after all, where slow, unstable, and expensive internet remains the norm. With this in mind, and considering that SpaceX is looking to expand Starlink’s coverage worldwide this year, those who are looking to sign up for the system are best advised to head over to, where they could place an order for the satellite internet kit. 

Needless to say, Starlink’s official website provides legitimate payment options, not one that is half-priced and Bitcoin-only. 

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Fake “Starlink Iran” website with Bitcoin payments launched in apparent scam
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