Tesla’s 4680 battery updates and $25K car development gets nod from analyst

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Tesla’s efforts to bring its 4680 battery cells to its upcoming products received a nod of approval from Mizuho Securities analyst Vijay Rakesh, who recently reiterated a “Buy” rating for the EV maker and an $820 per share price target. According to the analyst, the progress of Tesla’s 4680 battery program could very well be the key for the $25,000 EV, a project that’s far more ambitious than anything Tesla has attempted in the past. 

“A key to realizing the $25,000 EV, TSLA noted (that) its new 4680 battery is on track to achieve volume production in ’12-18 months’ in Berlin, with a 100 GWh 2022 target from its Battery Day announcement. TSLA also noted it expects capacity supply from partners LG/Panasonic to double next year,” the analyst noted

The Mizuho Securities analyst has a good point, considering that Tesla’s 4680 is poised to power the company’s next generation of vehicles. Far more powerful and cheaper to produce, the 4680 cells could play a significant part in closing the gap between electric cars like Teslas and their internal combustion-powered counterparts in raw cost. This is particularly important in the affordable sector, where vehicles are judged not as much on performance, but on cost and practicality instead. 

Tesla is already in the process of developing a $25,000 car, the first of which is expected to be unveiled in China in the near future. To ensure that such a vehicle could compete with equally formidable and affordable cars in the market, Tesla would have to use the best innovations that it has in its arsenal. On the battery front, these would be the 4680 cells. For its part, Tesla has highlighted that the rollout of the 4680 cells will be a collaborative effort on the part of the EV maker and its battery suppliers. 

“This is just a guess because we don’t know for sure, but it appears as though we’re about 12, probably not more than 18 months away from volume production of the 4680. Now at the same time, we are actually trying to have our cell supply of partners ramp up their supply as much as possible. So this is not something that is to the exclusion of suppliers.

“It is in conjunction with suppliers. So we want to be super clear about that. This is not about replacing suppliers. It is about supplementing the suppliers. So — and we have a very strong partnership with CATL, with Panasonic and LG — our request to our strategic partners for cell supply is, please supply us with as much as you possibly can. Provided the price is affordable, we will buy everything that they can make,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said

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Tesla’s 4680 battery updates and $25K car development gets nod from analyst
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