Tesla adds new feature with FSD Beta v12 for more natural speed behavior

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Tesla has added a new feature with the Full Self-Driving Beta version 12 that helps determine a more natural speed of travel under the conditions that surround the car.

Tesla’s FSD Beta version 12.12 started rolling out to customers this past weekend, and the automaker has hyped the performance of this new software to be more confident and accurate than ever before.

Tesla’s release notes stated that:

“FSD Beta v12 upgrades the city streets’ driving stack to a single end-to-end neural network trained on millions of video clips, replacing over 300k lines of explicit C++ code.” 

While several owners have reported more accuracy and confidence in their vehicle’s performance, some are even stating that they are taking challenging drives that require no human interventions, meaning the operator of the car never has to correct or take over at any point.

Tesla FSD Beta v12.12 rolls out to customers 

However, there are more features that have been added with v12 past the more refined driving performance of the FSD Beta suite.

Tesla adds Automatic Set Speed Offset

Tesla has added a feature called “Automatic Set Speed Offset,” which gives the car a more appropriate control of the speed of travel, helping it naturally work with the flow of traffic. The purpose of this feature is to help the car travel more naturally with other vehicles on the road.

Not a Tesla App stated the feature can also travel higher than the posted speed limit with this feature activated.

Tesla describes the feature:

“Automatic Set Speed Offset allows Autopilot to drive at the speed that it determines is most natural. This considers factors like road type, traffic flow, environmental conditions, speed limit, and the selected Full Self-Driving (Beta) Profile setting (Chill, Average, or Assertive).”

Improvements in the FSD Beta v12 were needed, according to CEO Elon Musk, who said in December that it was still under intense scrutiny and needed training in heavy precipitation areas.

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Tesla adds new feature with FSD Beta v12 for more natural speed behavior
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