Tesla FSD Beta V12 undergoing extra testing before wider release: Elon Musk 

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Elon Musk recently shared more news about Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta V12 and when customers could expect a wider release to non-employee vehicles. 

“It’s already on a lot of cars, but given that[it] is a completely new architecture, we are going extra testing,” replied Elon Musk to a question about v12 on X. 

“It works very well in California but needs more training for heavy precipitation areas,” he added. 

Tesla started rolling out FSD Beta V12 to employees in November. Elon Musk confirmed the news through a post on X. FSD Beta V12 rolled out with update 2023.38.10 at a limited scale. On December 28, Tesla rolled out FSD Beta V12 to more Tesla employee vehicles. 

Teslascope estimated that V12 was uploaded to more than 15,000 personally owned Tesla employee vehicles. The experienced software tracker believes Tesla will release V12 to customers by mid-to-late January 2024. 

Version 12 is a highly-anticipated update because it transitions FSD Beta from a rules-based to a network-path-based AI approach. As such, it will base decisions on the road on human driving data rather than rules set by a programmer. 

“Here’s what happens when we move from rules-based to network-path-based. The car will never get into a collision if you turn this thing on, even in unstructured environments,” explained Tesla Autopilot employee Dhaval Shroff. 

Tesla recently went on X to recruit more people to its AI team. The post stated that Tesla AI was “building next-generation autonomy on a single foundation video network that directly drives the car.”

After V12 is released, Tesla is expected to drop the “Beta” moniker in FSD Beta. As of this writing, “Beta” is still included in Tesla’s FSD Beta update launches. 

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Tesla FSD Beta V12 undergoing extra testing before wider release: Elon Musk 
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