Tesla Service Center in Dongguan Guangzhou, China

Tesla China invites owners to serve as volunteers in end-of-quarter sales push

Tesla Service Center in Dongguan Guangzhou, China (Credit: Tesla)

Tesla is reportedly looking to begin its end-of-quarter sales push as the Q2 2020 comes to a close. As part of this initiative, the company’s China branch is requesting the help of current owners to participate in volunteer activities on weekends at Tesla’s in-store locations.

The electric car maker will reportedly begin its end-of-Q2 push on June 20, and it is seeking out additional help from owners in China who will be able to boost customers’ experience. They would be required to help with the reception of customers, complete walkthroughs of products, and show how driving a Tesla would benefit them and their environment.

The owners would be volunteers and receive “limited souvenirs” as an incentive, as noted in a recent post from Tesla owner/enthusiast @Ray4Tesla.

Tesla has always pushed hard during the final weeks of any given quarter, as the company looks to raise delivery and production numbers of its vehicles. However, the end of quarter push this time is especially crucial for the automaker considering its main production facility in Fremont, California, was shut down for over a month due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Q1, both Giga Shanghai and Fremont were closed due to the coronavirus. The Chinese production facility was shut down for less than two weeks following the Chinese New Year Celebration. Tesla managed to reopen and resume production of the Made-in-China Model 3 by increasing social distancing measures and implementing a series of mandatory health checks before employees entered the doors.

In Fremont, however, the process of resuming production was not quite as smooth. Tesla announced that following the final shift on March 23, the facility would be closed until further notice. After several unsuccessful attempts to reopen the company’s main production facility, CEO Elon Musk took it into his own hands by starting production once again on May 10.

Tesla received approval from Alameda County Health Officials to reopen the facility the very next week. The automaker outlined an extensive 38-page plan to open while conserving the health of its employees as well.

In Q2 2019, Tesla successfully delivered 95,356 and produced 87,048 vehicles. Both figures were records at the time.

Despite shutdowns in both production facilities during Q1 2020, Tesla still managed to record its strongest opening quarter in its short but rich history. The company delivered 88,400 vehicles, beating Wall Street estimates, which predicted a total delivery figure of between 75,000 and 80,000 cars.

Tesla China invites owners to serve as volunteers in end-of-quarter sales push
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