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Tesla China preparing for Model 3 Project Highland launch: report

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Tesla has been pretty quiet about the development and release of the Model 3’s highly anticipated Project Highland update. Despite this, Tesla China appears to be adopting some strategies which suggest that the upcoming vehicle’s release is closing in. 

The electric vehicle maker has been putting some serious effort into making the current iteration of the Model 3 more compelling to consumers. Model 3 inventory vehicles were offered an RMB 8,000 insurance subsidy. An increased insurance incentive was also offered for the all-electric sedan. 

As per a recent report from China Securities Journal, Tesla China is currently setting the stage for the first deliveries of the revamped Model 3, which will reportedly be held as early as September. Citing a salesperson from the electric vehicle maker, the publication noted that customers today are reportedly being encouraged by Tesla to pay RMB 1,000 (around $137) for a Model 3 reservation. 

Customers who pay this amount are reportedly given the option of taking delivery of a current generation Tesla Model 3 with all the incentives that are being offered today, or waiting for a Model 3 Project Highland unit. Customers who reportedly opt to wait for a Project Highland unit will still be able to take advantage of referral incentives, but not the other perks offered for the vehicle today. 

The publication also reported that customers who choose to wait for the Model 3 Project Highland are locked into the current price of the all-electric vehicle. This suggests that even if Tesla launches the new Model 3 at a higher price, those who have placed reservations for the vehicle could acquire them for the price of the current-generation Model 3. China Securities Journal noted that so far, more customers in China are opting to wait for the Project Highland option. 

The Model 3’s Project Highland update is expected to introduce a number of key changes to the vehicle, from a revamped exterior to a new infotainment system that seems to be based on the Model S and Model X. The vehicle is reportedly designed so that it could be produced in a more cost-efficient manner as well. 

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Tesla China preparing for Model 3 Project Highland launch: report
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