Tesla China rival BYD cuts shifts in two EV plants: report

Credit: BYD

Tesla China’s rival, BYD, has reportedly reduced shifts at two of its auto assembly plants for electric vehicles. Individuals familiar with the matter allegedly shared the information. 

BYD has been growing fast and taking market share in China. The company has dominated China’s NEV sector, outselling Tesla by more than five times in the first two months of the year thanks in part to its broad lineup of new energy vehicles, which include hybrid cars.

Citing information provided by individuals reportedly familiar with the matter and an internal memo, Reuters noted that BYD had asked some workers at its biggest manufacturing hub, the Xian plant, to work only four days a week. The plant produces BYD’s Song and Qin EV sedans. 

BYD’s Shenzhen plant, which makes the Han sedan, has reportedly shifted to just two shifts per day. The Shenzhen plant previously operated on three daily shifts, as per the publication’s sources. 

BYD’s memo did not disclose the reason behind the two EV plants’ reduced shifts. It is also unclear how the adjusted shifts in the affected facilities would translate to the company’s vehicle output.

That being said, the publication’s sources have suggested that BYD may have taken the step due to a decrease in industry-wide demand in China since the beginning of this year. Reuters also noted that it could not determine how long the reduced shifts would last for the affected plants. 

As automakers compete for market share, analysts have attributed the recent increase in demand to aggressive pricing strategies, such as those adopted by Tesla. However, despite the push for sales, inventories across the industry have increased.

BYD has also started providing discounts on its popular Yuan Plus and Seal EVs this March. In addition, the company also released updated versions of its Han sedan and Tang crossover just last week.

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Tesla China rival BYD cuts shifts in two EV plants: report
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