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Tesla confirms significant detail regarding V4 Supercharger

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Tesla has confirmed a significant detail with the V4 Superchargers, confirming that they do have a charging speed of 350 kilowatts, as speculation persisted whether the chargers were capable of those speeds.

After Tesla started unveiling the V4 Superchargers in Europe for the last few months at various locations, details about the new chargers have been relatively slim as the company has not officially come out and listed explicit specifications for the new stalls.

When the first units were installed in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, Teslarati reached out to the first users and found exclusive details regarding the V4 stalls.

People on the ground in the Netherlands told us the V4 Superchargers had a 31 percent amperage increase to 615 A, and cable length had increased as the company prepared for other automakers to utilize the charging stations.

Tesla V4 Supercharger details: Charging Speed and Cable Length

However, a new Development Proposal submitted by Enzygo (via u/RealPokePOP on r/Tesla Motors) shows Tesla has officially confirmed the V4 Superchargers to have a power of 350 kW, as many cars were still topping out at 250 kW.

The proposal says:

“This combined Planning Statement and Design and Access Statement supports a planning application made by Tesla Motors Ltd for the development of 36no. EV charging units (16no. ultra-rapid V4 superchargers (350kw) & 20no. ChargePoint 6000 series EV chargers (22kw)), associated equipment cabinets, substation and associated electrical infrastructure. All charging units are universal and can be used by any EV user.”

This does not mean that every EV that charges with the V4 Superchargers will get that power. The vehicle itself must support that, and it is the reason Tesla has said that the Cybertruck will be the first car to feature an 1,000v architecture, which would enable these ultra-fast charging speeds.

Current 400-volt architectures will not support anything higher than roughly 250 kW, at least for now.

Other automakers have planned to bring 800v architectures to their EVs.

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Tesla confirms significant detail regarding V4 Supercharger
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