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Tesla details V4 Supercharger rollout in Europe after opening first stalls

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Tesla detailed its planned rollout of the V4 Supercharger Network in Europe after confirming this morning that the first stalls are open in Harderwijk, the Netherlands.

Tesla has been installing the first V4 Superchargers in the Netherlands, with the new piles being put into the ground earlier this month. For weeks, the automaker has been working toward the new V4 Superchargers being operational, and yesterday, they were finally unveiled.

Today, Tesla officially announced the new V4 Superchargers were now active and are equipped with a longer cable that will make them easier to access for all EVs. Additionally, Tesla said it plans to open new V4 sites across Europe “soon.”

Non-Tesla electric vehicles will not be able to utilize the new V4 stalls right away, the company detailed.

“Currently, V4 stalls are only open to Tesla vehicles,” the automaker said, “as we test and evaluate performance.”

The company added that it would soon welcome all EVs at the site.

Interestingly, Tesla has not released any information regarding charging speeds for the new V4 Superchargers, which is one of the most crucial factors in the development of new technology.

Tesla Superchargers have continued to be faster and more advanced through different technological advancements. The first Superchargers offered 100 kW charging speeds, which were then increased to 120 kW with V2. V3, which was rolled out in 2019, more than doubled these speeds and was capable of 250 kW.

The V3 Superchargers utilized thinner, lighter cables and liquid cooling to make charging more efficient and enabled speeds of up to 1,000 miles of range per hour.

The new V4 Superchargers look similar to the Tesla Megacharger, which has charging speeds of up to 1 MW for the Semi.

An up-close look at Tesla’s liquid-cooled Megachargers at Frito Lay

While it is not expected that Tesla will go that high with the V4 Supercharger, there are definitely indications that the speeds will be faster and will support architectures of all strengths.

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Tesla details V4 Supercharger rollout in Europe after opening first stalls
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