tesla cybertruck wrapped as an f-150

Tesla trolls Ford as Cybertruck dressed as F-150 hits the streets

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Tesla is trolling Ford by dressing up a Cybertruck as an F-150 with a wrap, and it is evidently going to hit the streets soon.

Just a few days ago, we reported that there was a sighting of a Cybertruck wrapped as an F-150, but many of us did not know why. As Tesla Cybertrucks wrapped in various camouflage patterns have been frequent as of late, this was easily the most interesting of the bunch.

Tesla appears to have wrapped a Cybertruck to look like an F-150 Lightning

Tesla Cybertruck testing and validation are still ongoing, according to what the company said in its latest quarterly Shareholder Deck. But at Tesla, things are done a little differently than usual.

Most companies do their testing in private settings, but the automaker has had a knack for putting prototypes and other, more finalized builds on the street, and it has done it with everything from the Cybertruck to the Model 3.

Tesla is seemingly prepared to put its F-150-wrapped Cybertruck out on the streets soon, drawing up more buzz and garnering more attention as the all-electric pickup is headed toward production and first deliveries nearly four years after it was first unveiled.

Tesla wanted the Cybertruck to be different, and a quick glance shows that it is far from any ordinary pickup that is currently available out there. However, the company and its CEO Elon Musk have always been known to do things uniquely, and this includes throwing shade at rival car companies by undermining their product or poking fun at their designs.

We know Tesla was set on breaking the mold of the traditional pickup design, so it is comical that they would dress the Cybertruck up as something as popular as the F-150.

While it is obviously a bit of a troll job by Musk and the company, it also could be a great opportunity to display the company’s wraps, which Tesla has said will be available in any color or pattern.

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Tesla trolls Ford as Cybertruck dressed as F-150 hits the streets
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