Tesla Cybertruck high-speed session shows need for dedicated Track Mode

Credit: Unplugged Performance/X

The Tesla Cybertruck has been taken to the track, and it performed surprisingly well. Insights from the all-electric pickup truck’s driver suggest that Tesla should probably consider releasing a dedicated Track Mode feature for the Cybertruck. 

Electric vehicle enthusiasts recently visited Buttonwillow Raceway for a series of runs. A number of Teslas were in attendance, including Unplugged Performance’s Pikes Peak Hill Climb Model S Plaid race car. Also present was a Tesla Cybertruck with Unplugged Performance parts, which towed the Model S Plaid racer to the track. 

Considering just how novel the Cybertruck is today, EV race car driver Craig Coker, who has taken Unplugged Performance’s Pikes Peak Model S Plaid racer to the track multiple times, noted that it would be a good idea to see how well the Cybertruck performs around Buttonwillow. Images and videos of the Cybertruck being driven hard around the track suggest that the EV race car driver tried his best to push the all-electric pickup truck as much as he could during his runs. 

In later comments, Coker noted that the Cybertruck was an absolute blast to drive around Buttonwillow despite its all-terrain tires. He did observe, however, that the all-electric pickup truck’s stability control was engaging everywhere while he pushed the vehicle. He also stated that the Cybertruck is pretty much a boat on the track, so the vehicle was rolling when it took the track’s turns. Despite these, Coker admitted that his high-speed Cybertruck run was extremely fun, and he was giggling throughout his drive.

The EV race car driver’s comments are very interesting, as they show some areas of improvement for the all-electric pickup truck. As noted by EV group The Kilowatts, which was also at the event, the Cybertruck that was used in the run was a Dual Motor AWD variant, so it was not the fastest version of the all-electric pickup truck. And since the Cybertruck had no dedicated Track Mode setting, the vehicle was placed in Off-Road Baja Mode for its Buttonwillow run. 

With a dedicated Track Mode and proper racing tires, the Cybertruck, especially in its tri-motor Cyberbeast trim, could likely perform very well on the track. Hopefully, Tesla could release such features in the near future, as functions like a dedicated Track Mode would very well make the Cybertruck even more of a standout than it already is today. 

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Tesla Cybertruck high-speed session shows need for dedicated Track Mode
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