Tesla Cybertruck’s HW4.0 computer will be built by Samsung: report

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Recent reports have indicated that Tesla’s Hardware 4 computer, which would make its debut in the Cybertruck, would be produced by Samsung Electronics Co. The world-leading chipmaker is reportedly certain to beat out its rival, the larger Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), for the Tesla HW4.0 deal. 

The information was related to The Korea Economic Daily by people reportedly familiar with the matter. According to the publication’s sources, Tesla and Samsung’s deal is virtually completed. This would allow the South Korean chipmaker to expand its reach into the growing electric and autonomous vehicle segment. 

“Tesla and Samsung’s foundry divisions have been working on the design and samples of the chip from the start of this year. Recently, Tesla decided to outsource the HW 4.0 self-driving chip to Samsung. It’s virtually a done deal,” one of the publication’s sources stated.

Tesla’s Hardware 4 chip would reportedly be produced at Samsung Electronics Co’s Hwasung plant in South Korea. Samsung would also be using 7-nanometer processing technology to create Tesla’s new FSD computer, and initial production may begin around Q4 2021 at the earliest. Interestingly enough, Samsung is also the company that produces Tesla’s Hardware 3 computer, which is being fitted in the Model S, Model 3, Model X, and Model Y today. 

While 7nm chips are not as advanced as 5nm chips, Samsung reportedly opted to use the technology to ensure higher and more stable production yields. This suggests that Tesla is looking to produce vehicles at volumes never seen before and that the company’s next releases would be high-volume cars. The Tesla Cybertruck and the $25,000 car would likely be the first of these. 

“Tesla and Samsung agreed on the 7-nanometer process to ensure the safety of Tesla’s next-generation electric vehicles,” another source noted. 

Tesla’s Hardware 4 computer was formally announced during AI Day when Elon Musk noted that the new self-driving computer would be released for the Cybertruck. Musk stated that while HW3.0 is likely capable of performing 300% safer than a human driver, HW4.0 would likely be 1,000% safer. 

“I’m confident that HW 3.0 or the FSD Computer 1 will be able to achieve full self-driving at a safety level much greater than a human, probably at least 200-300% better than a human. Obviously, there will be a future HW 4.0 or Full Self Driving Computer 2, which we’ll probably introduce with the Cybertruck, so maybe in about a year or so. 

“That’ll be about four times more capable, roughly. But it’s really just gonna be like, can we take it from, say, for argument’s sake, 300% safer than a person to 1000% safer. And just like there are people on the road who have varying driving abilities, but we still let people drive. You don’t have to be the world’s best driver to be on the road,” Musk said. 

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