Tesla Cybertruck official webpage updated with delivery event countdown

Credit: Tesla

As of this writing, there are 30 hours and 13 minutes left before Tesla holds its first Cybertruck deliveries. This might seem like a random tidbit about the upcoming Cybertruck event, but it is really the only piece of information currently displayed by Tesla on the Cybertruck’s official webpage. 

Tesla enthusiasts and EV watchers were quite surprised when the electric vehicle maker updated its official Cybertruck page. With the update, pretty much every piece of information about the Cybertruck was taken down. Even the vehicle’s order option was removed. At the time, opening the Cybertruck’s official page only showed a glowing graphic of the vehicle’s outline.


It did not take long, however, before the Cybertruck’s official page was updated once more. This time around, the webpage had both the glowing Cybertruck graphic and a countdown timer. The timer is currently counting down to the Cybertruck’s first delivery event, which is set for November 30, 2023 at Gigafactory Texas. As per Tesla in an announcement on X, the event will be starting at about 2 p.m. CT (12 p.m. PT). 

Tesla’s decision to update the Cybertruck’s official webpage in the lead-up to the all-electric pickup truck’s first delivery event is quite unsurprising. The vehicle’s page, after all, has largely remained unchanged since the Cybertruck was unveiled four years ago. Even the videos and images of the Cybertruck on Tesla’s website prior to this recent update showed the vehicle’s original prototype, which has since been changed. 

The anticipation surrounding the Cybertruck’s first deliveries is palpable, with reports from social media showing that Tesla has started sending out tickets to the event’s attendees. Much excitement is currently centered on the Cybertruck’s specs, such as its range and towing capability, which have so far been kept under very close wraps by the electric vehicle maker.

As noted by Tesla in the tickets that it sent to the event’s attendees, check-in at Gigafactory Texas begins at 1 p.m. CT and closes at 1:45 p.m. CT. The actual keynote and first deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck are expected to start at 2 p.m. CT, just as announced by the electric vehicle maker on X.  

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Tesla Cybertruck official webpage updated with delivery event countdown
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