Tesla Cybertruck is in the crosshairs of many but Elon Musk isn’t worried

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There is a point to be argued that the attention attracted by the Tesla Cybertruck is a double-edged sword. Granted, the vehicle has captured the interest of both the EV and traditional auto community primarily due to its stark XY design, but with this comes a ton of scrutiny from all sides. And in the months since its unveiling, the Cybertruck has received a healthy dose of scrutiny. 

Critics pointing out negatives about Tesla’s upcoming vehicles is nothing new, and in the Cybertruck’s case, some of these were unfounded. Yet there were valid concerns about the vehicle. The truck is massive, for example, to the point where AR simulations of the vehicle indicated that it would not fit in an average 20×20 garage in the United States. Others, interestingly enough, questioned the vehicle’s capabilities as a legitimate off-roader due to its weight. 

In true Tesla fashion, the electric car maker appears to have taken it upon itself to make sure that it addresses these criticisms. Elon Musk, for one, noted in a recent Twitter post that the Cybertruck’s production version would be about 3% smaller than the vehicle featured at the unveiling. Such a reduction will likely not affect the spaciousness or utility of the all-electric pickup, but it will enable the Cybertruck to fit in conventional garages. 

This automatically opens up a whole new market for the Cybertruck. Following its unveiling, members of the Tesla community who were fortunate enough to experience a test ride in the vehicle noted that the Cybertruck is incredibly large. Thus, it did not take long before reservation holders indicated that they would likely keep the truck outside their garage due to its size. With a 3% reduction in size, this does not have to be the case. 

Adjustments to the Cybertruck’s window sill height also makes the vehicle less intimidating for both passengers and drivers. With a lower window sill height, the Cybertruck will feel less like a vehicle that’s essentially swallowing its occupants. For territories beyond the US where large trucks are not as common, this particular detail would likely be appreciated by potential buyers. 

Apart from adjustments to its size, Elon Musk mentioned that the Cybertruck’s air suspension system would be completely different from those used in the Model S and Model X. This suggests that unlike the two flagships, both of which are designed for the city, the Cybertruck’s suspension is intended to be used under rough and tough conditions. Musk said as much, stating that the Cybertruck is being designed to dominate in events like the Baja 1000, an off-road racing series where the auto industry’s best trucks compete against each other. 

Just recently, truck enthusiasts from The Fast Lane Car YouTube channel expressed their doubts about the Cybertruck’s off-road capability due to the vehicle’s “monstrous” weight and lack of low-speed gearing. The hosts even mentioned the vehicle’s ground clearance. This is quite surprising as the Cybertruck’s 16″ ground clearance dwarfs that of popular trucks like the Ford F-150 Raptor, matching monster trucks like the Hummer H1, a military vehicle that’s pretty much just converted for civilian use. 

One thing that critics are prone to forget is the fact that Tesla never remains in one place. Yes, the Cybertruck may be a bit too large when it was unveiled, but this does not mean that its size could not be reduced. The vehicle may look heavy and daunting, but perhaps it would be lighter than expected when it gets to production thanks to better battery technology. And with suspension improvements hinted at by Elon Musk, the Cybertruck could very well set the standard for all-electric off-road vehicles for years to come. 

It is easy to dismiss Tesla’s efforts because of the company’s lack of experience compared to veterans in the auto industry. But underestimating Tesla is a grave mistake. One just needs to look at the premium midsize sedan market to see this point. Prior to the Model 3, for example, the BMW 3-Series seemed like a wall that could not be broken. As it turned out, even established cars like the BMW M3 could be bested, and later, even dominated. With this in mind, popular off-roaders today are best advised not to underestimate the Cybertruck.

Tesla Cybertruck is in the crosshairs of many but Elon Musk isn’t worried
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