Will Tesla Cybertruck fit inside a home garage?

(Credit: Tesla_Raj/Twitter)

The Tesla Cybertruck is a massive vehicle, which is saying something considering that the Model S and Model X are already pretty large cars in their own right. The upcoming all-electric pickup truck has also become so popular as of late that a Tesla enthusiast has developed an augmented reality mobile app that provides a 1:1 render of the Cybertruck in real-world settings. 

Reactions from some Cybertruck reservation holders and users of the AR app show that future owners of the upcoming vehicle may need to find a larger garage for their all-electric pickup. 

Tesla enthusiast Tesla Raj outlined these findings in a recent video, with the Model 3 owner using the AR mobile app to see if the all-electric pickup fits in his car garage. Average two-car garages in the United States are about 20×20, 22×22, and, in other cases, 24×24 ft. These spaces are more than enough for sedans like the Tesla Model 3 or crossovers like the Model Y, but when it comes to larger vehicles like the Cybertruck, garages like a 20×20 would be a bit too small. 

The Tesla owner-enthusiast’s garage is one of these spaces. As could be seen in the AR Cybertruck app’s 1:1 render, the all-electric pickup’s tailgate is actually a few inches too long for the Model 3 owner’s garage. And that’s with the vehicle being parked really close to the wall. 

The Tesla Cybertruck, despite its large, domineering stance, is actually not too wide. With a width of 79.8 inches, the Cybertruck is only a little bit wider than the Model X, which is 78.7 inches wide. What makes the Cybertruck large is the vehicle’s height, which stands at 75 inches (compared to the Model X’s 66.3 inches), and its length, which is listed at 231.7 inches (compared to the Model X’s 198.3 inches). The size of the Cybertruck is fairly similar to the length of iconic pickups like the Ford F-150 in its SuperCrew variant, but it is far larger than that of Tesla’s other vehicles. 

It should be noted that it’s not just the Tesla Cybertruck that is causing parking challenges for their owners. Dodge truck owners, for example, have noted in the Turbo Diesel Register forum that their RAM pickups are far too long for their garage. The same is true for several Ford F-150 Supercrew owners, who have noted in the F-150 Forum that they are unable to park their trucks inside their garages, or if they do, there is barely any space left.

Ultimately, the Tesla Cybertruck is a large vehicle, and it would have the advantages and disadvantages inherent in a six-seater pickup. Thus, the garage space challenges that future Cybertruck owners would face are the same challenges being encountered by traditional pickup truck buyers today. Fortunately, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that a smaller Cybertruck, perhaps similar in size to the Ford Ranger, may be released in the future. Such a vehicle will still be as daunting as the original Cybertruck, but it will be far friendlier to smaller parking spaces. 

Check out Tesla Raj’s recent video below. A link to the official AR Cybertruck app from Tesla enthusiast and app developer Pat Carver could also be accessed here

Will Tesla Cybertruck fit inside a home garage?
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