Tesla Model 3 in NYC

Tesla becomes delivery room as woman delivers baby in EV

Tesla Model 3 in NYC (Photo: Teslarati)

Tesla’s are known for their wide array of capabilities. From an effective daily driver to a top-of-the-line performance automobile, the electric vehicles built in Northern California at Tesla’s Fremont Factory are becoming some of the most popular cars in the world. However, one New Jersey family saw their all-electric car become a delivery room as a pregnant woman was forced to deliver a newborn child in the front seat of the family’s Tesla with the help of her husband.

Allison Goldfarb and her husband Blake were leaving their home in North Caldwell, New Jersey, and heading to Manhattan, where the Goldfarbs would welcome their second child. Knowing a January due date would likely be complicated due to the ongoing pandemic and expected winter weather, Allison was stressed about the possibility of having some issues when she went into labor.

“I had said to [my doctor] throughout my pregnancy, ‘Oh my goodness. I’m due in January,'” Goldfarb told People. “What if I go into labor in a snowstorm and I’m stuck on the GW Bridge?'” Goldfarb was right because her pregnancy came to a halt after she was forced to deliver the child near the George Washington Bridge on January 19th. It was a first for the both of them, but they welcomed a healthy baby boy named Jordan Harris to the world.

Both of the Goldfarbs were COVID-19 positive when the family expected to deliver their second child. Blake was not going to originally be allowed in the delivery room, according to a statement she shared with the New York City Fire Department. After a doctor’s appointment resulted in Allison being sent home, her contractions began just 15 minutes after arriving at their North Caldwell, New Jersey home, giving the school teacher an indication that Jordan was on his way.

Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan was the planned place of birth, but little Jordan’s birth certificate will always have a unique delivery location type. “Front Car Seat,” it says, with the “Other-Specify” box clearly checkmarked.

Credit: Allison Goldfarb | PEOPLE

According to Goldfarb’s interview with People, it was determined that Blake would have to assist Allison with the birth after the couple had been in contact with several 911 dispatchers regarding their situation. “They were like, ‘Sir, you need to get out of the car and deliver this baby,’ Goldfarb said. “And he got around to the passenger side of the car and basically straddled me to deliver the baby.” Blake pulled over immediately after getting off of the bridge and making it safely into Manhattan, with 174th Street and Amsterdam Avenue being the location of the couple’s makeshift delivery room.

After delivering the baby safely, the couple made it to the hospital, returned home, and they family is safe and sound in New Jersey. A story for the ages, the Goldfarbs are extremely grateful for their experience.

“[Blake and I] both feel very blessed and grateful that everything worked out. “I’m proud of him and he’s proud of me,” she said.

Tesla becomes delivery room as woman delivers baby in EV
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