Tesla files to expand Fremont factory, make Model Y ‘tent’ permanent

A snapshot from a drone flyover of the Tesla Fremont factory on June 29, 2018. [Credit: DarkSoldier 360/YouTube]

Tesla has filed an application with the City of Fremont to expand its vehicle production facility by 64,000 square feet. The application describes plans to implement foundations and install below-ground utilities under General Assembly 4.5 (GA 4.5), where the Model Y production lines are located at the Fremont factory.

GA 4.5 is currently a tent, or spring structure, that sits outside of Tesla’s Fremont factory. It has been home to the Model Y production and possibly the Model 3 as well since February 2020. According to past permit filings with the City of Fremont’s local government, Tesla initially opened the tent outside during this time and has added to the tent on several occasions.

Tesla’s General Assembly 4.5 line at the Fremont Factory. (Credit: Ryan Ferrin | YouTube)

Tesla is now looking to make GA 4.5 permanent by adding a 64,000 square foot structure onto the Fremont factory. The spring structure that was used before was erected in a pinch as Tesla was planning to begin the production of the Model Y but didn’t have the space for it with Model S, Model X, and Model 3 production all going on under the same roof.

The filing, known as BLD2021-05126, also called Foundations for GA 4.5 South Expansion, states:

“Foundations and underground utilities for proposed 64,000 sf south expansion.”

Credit: City of Fremont

Tesla will add GA 4.5 to the Southern portion of the Fremont factory, expanding the factory itself, and at the same time, making the 4.5 assembly lines permanent with foundational structures and underground plumbing and electrical work.

It seems that it was only a matter of time before Tesla expanded the Fremont factory to make way for more projects. While demand continues to expand globally, Tesla is still funneling many of its vehicles from the Fremont factory in Northern California. The plant handles global Model S and Model X demand, while Model 3 demand is split with Giga Shanghai. Some Model 3s from Fremont have made their way to other countries that aren’t in North America, but it seems that Giga Shanghai is taking some of the load, especially in the European market.

Last year, Tesla expanded the Model Y production lines to make way for the IDRA Giga Press. This was filed in July 2020, and the Giga Press is now operational at the facility and is cranking out single-piece rear castings for the Model Y crossover. Tesla attempted to expand GA 4.5 in April but had to solve issues with stormwater drainage before the project was ultimately approved.

The Fremont factory has been in Tesla’s possession since 2010 after the company purchased it from Toyota’s New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. The first Model S rolled off the lines at Fremont in 2012, and the company has made numerous improvements to the facility since being in its possession. The expansion of the facility to make GA 4.5 permanent will alleviate space constraints, allowing Tesla to build more of its all-electric vehicles for a constantly growing and expanding consumer base.

Tesla didn’t immediately respond to Teslarati’s inquiry about the expansion.

Here’s a recent flyover of the Fremont Factory by Gabeincal.

Tesla files to expand Fremont factory, make Model Y ‘tent’ permanent
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