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Tesla discounts Model 3, tempting buyers with its most affordable offering yet

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is now discounting new inventory models of the Model 3 in the United States, helping the company to attract a growing number of buyers.

Tesla’s continuing dedication to making its vehicles more affordable has shaken the EV market and the automotive industry to its core. Tesla’s price cuts that have been put in place since the beginning of the year have forced other automakers to lower their prices and have generally been a cooling agent for the EV market, which has been red hot for well over a year. Now, Tesla is redoubling its efforts with yet another discount on one of its most popular vehicles.

As initially reported by Sawyer Merrit on Twitter, Tesla has cut $1,350 from inventoried models of the Model 3 in the United States. Though with the leading American EV maker looking to pick up market share in Europe and Asia, many are wondering if a similar discount will be made available in those regions as well.

Thus far, Tesla has not made the discount available for any of its other inventoried models, and it seems unlikely that the discount will be applied more broadly to new models. However, for customers looking for the cheapest Tesla possible while still retaining a manufacturer warranty, this might be the ideal time to pick up a Model 3.

With Tesla poised to introduce updated variants of both the Model 3 and Model Y in the near future, likely helping the company to further lower its production costs, Tesla may have a larger profit margin than ever before to help lower prices. And with growing interest in many of Tesla’s top markets, it is poised to remain a top contender despite the wave of competition.

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Tesla discounts Model 3, tempting buyers with its most affordable offering yet
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