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Tesla Model 3 crushes gas vehicle competition in reliability study

Credit: ADAC

The Tesla Model 3 has annihilated its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts in a new reliability study from Germany.

Thanks to the incredible mechanical simplicity of electric vehicles, it should come as little surprise that EVs are, on average, significantly more reliable than their fossil-fuel-powered counterparts. A new study from a German vehicle analysis firm, the ADAC, highlighted this reliability advantage, finding that the Tesla Model 3 handily beats the vast majority of its gas-powered competition.

The ADAC study, which primarily focuses on vehicle breakdowns, is an annual study for vehicles that are over three years of age, and it now includes four electric vehicles sold in the German market, including the Tesla Model 3, BMW i3, Volkswagen ID.3, and Renault Zoe. According to the ADAC’s data, electric vehicles not only lead their gas counterparts on average but the Tesla Model 3 beat both gas vehicles and EVs in average reliability by a wide margin.

The ADAC found that out of 1,000 2020 model-year Tesla Model 3s, only 1.1 vehicles broke down annually, which surprisingly is a slight increase from the 2019 Model 3, which only had 0.9 breakdowns per 1,000 units. Comparatively, the average gas vehicle had 6.9 breakdowns per 1,000 units, and the average EV had 4.9 breakdowns per 1,000 units.

Besides the Tesla, the BMW i3 and VW ID.3 also shined as reliable within the EV segment and their size classes. The cars both scored just 0.2 breakdowns per 1,000 units. However, as noted in the ADAC study, these vehicles may benefit from fewer units on the road, potentially skewing data.

Strangely, looking at the most common breakdown problems, gas and electric vehicles share a common top breakdown reason, dead battery. In the case of ICE vehicles, the study references the starter battery. Still, it remains unclear if this statistic was in reference to the 12-volt battery or the larger vehicle battery found in EVs.

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Tesla Model 3 crushes gas vehicle competition in reliability study
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