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EV sales surge as Tesla initiated price cuts take effect

According to a new report from Kelley Blue Book (KBB), EV sales surged in April as price cuts became commonplace.

Following a wave of price cuts from America’s leading electric vehicle brand, Tesla, many market analysts were unsure how sales would be affected. Luckily, according to new data from KBB, the effect has been considerable and positive as EV sales surged during the fourth month of the year. And looking forward, there are plenty of reasons for buyers to remain optimistic.

KBB’s new report found that EV sales in April grew by 26% in the United States year-over-year (YoY). This sales success matched a similar fall in average transaction prices, stemming from a normalizing market and a series of price cuts first initiated by Tesla. The average new EV sold for $55,089 during April in the U.S. KBB notes that this transaction average is down just over $10,000 from a year ago and down $4,464 from March of this year, a decrease of 7.5%.

“April’s downward movement of EV average transaction prices reflects EV automakers, particularly Ford and Tesla, seeking a balance between pricing and profitability,” said Michelle Krebs, executive analyst at Cox Automotive. “With average EV prices trending lower, we are seeing EV sales increase.”

Analysis from KBB last year found that EV prices peaked in June of ’22, and as noted above, the trend of market cooling seems to be continuing.

Strangely, this price and sales movement does not match the direction of the automotive industry as a whole, which has seen average transaction amounts climb during April, and subsequently seen sales remain roughly even with one year ago. Though even with electric and gas vehicle prices converging, the average new EV still sells for far more than its gas counterpart.

Looking to the future, there are a couple of solid indicators that electric car sales will continue to grow and prices continue to fall. Foremost, with the dramatic fall in raw resource prices over the first half of the year, notably including the price of lithium, EV prices are expected to continue their downward trend. Further, with manufacturers continuing to invest heavily in electrification, specifically production expansion, per-unit costs are expected to fall in kind.

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EV sales surge as Tesla initiated price cuts take effect
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