Tesla owners report FSD (Supervised) V12.3.6 initial rollout

Credit: @WholeMars/YouTube

Tesla has started the rollout of Full Self-Driving (Supervised) V12.3.6, the latest iteration of its advanced driver-assist system. The update just comes over a week since the release of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.5. 

Tesla’s FSD program has made a lot of headway as of late, especially with CEO Elon Musk mandating a test ride on FSD (Supervised) V12.3 for new owners and the rollout of a free trial program for the advanced driver-assist system, among others. As per Tesla’s Q1 2024 Update Letter, the FSD program has already driven a cumulative distance of over 1.3 billion miles

This weekend, Tesla watchers reported that FSD (Supervised) V12.3.6 has started rolling out to company employees. This was already impressive considering that FSD (Supervised) V12.3.5 was released just a little over a week ago. As per Tesla software tracking services such as Teslascope, however, even regular owners are receiving FSD V12.3.6 as well. 

The Release Notes of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.6 are still identical to the previous releases of the advanced driver-assist system. Teslascope also inferred that with the release of V12.3.6, drivers whose vehicles are still at FSD (Supervised) 12.3.4 will likely receive the system’s latest iteration. Videos shared by Tesla drivers who received V12.3.6 suggested that the recent update presents some improvements over its predecessor. 

Tesla Model 3 owner @BLKMDL3, for example, observed that FSD (Supervised) V12.3.6 was making more frequent lane changes on the highway compared to V12.3.5. Longtime FSD user @WholeMarsBlog also shared a video of V12.3.6 navigating city streets without interventions. As per the veteran FSD user, the movements of V12.3.6 are very similar to a human driver’s. 

FSD is becoming a central part of Tesla’s overall strategy, with Elon Musk noting during the first quarter earnings call that the company’s vision-based approach is steadily being proven right. Musk also hinted that there are about 900,000 FSD users today. This group of users will likely grow soon, especially if Tesla launches FSD in China in the near future. 

Watch a video of FSD (Supervised) V12.3.6 in action below. 

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Tesla owners report FSD (Supervised) V12.3.6 initial rollout
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