Tesla FSD gets thumbs up from Swedish Transport Administration Advisor

Credit: Tesla Tutorials/YouTube

Rikard Fredriksson, a Senior Advisor from the Swedish Transport Administration, tested out Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) on German roads over the weekend. He shared his experience with Tesla FSD on LinkedIn. 

Fredriksson commented that Tesla Full Self-Driving had “[i]mpressive smooth and natural driving while on German roads. His experience with Tesla’s autonomous software hints that Full Self-driving could be released in a few countries with relative ease once it receives regulatory approval. 

In the recent TSLA earnings call, Elon Musk teased that the company plans to release FSD (supervised) in other markets, including China. The company is still seeking regulatory approval to launch Tesla FSD (supervised) in other countries. 

“So, think about the end-to-end neural net-based autonomy, which is just like a human; it actually works pretty well without modification in almost any market. So, we plan on–with the approval of the regulators–releasing it as a supervised autonomy system in any market that–where we can get regulatory approval for that, which we think includes China. So, yes, it’s — just like a human, you can go rent a car in a foreign country, and you can drive pretty well,” Musk said. 

Musk noted that Tesla does not sell cars in specific countries. The company would like to accelerate its entrance into other markets. He also mentioned that Tesla would be doing some country-specific training for Full Self-Driving

“Obviously, if you live in that country, you’ll drive better. And so, we’ll make the car drive better in these other countries with country-specific training. But it can drive quite well almost everywhere,” he added. 

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Tesla FSD gets thumbs up from Swedish Transport Administration Advisor
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