Tesla FSD users pass 1.3 billion cumulative miles

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Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) users have passed 1.3 billion cumulative miles, and this number is expected to see a sharp increase as more drivers try out and potentially subscribe to FSD. This was hinted at in Tesla’s Q1 2024 Update Letter and the company’s first-quarter earnings call. 

Tesla noted in its Q1 2024 Update Letter that it is becoming more and more evident that a vision-based approach, which uses cameras and AI, is the right path to autonomy. This reportedly became especially evident following the launch of FSD (Supervised) V12, which ultimately helped push Tesla’s cumulative FSD miles to over 1 billion. 

Tesla has made FSD significantly more affordable by offering the solution as a $99 per month subscription. Thanks to this, as well as the company’s efforts to roll out a free trial for the service, Elon Musk noted during the Q1 2024 earnings call that FSD’s cumulative miles has been increasing rapidly, especially with the rollout of Supervised FSD V12. 

“(FSD’s) been pushed out to, I think, around 1.8 million vehicles, and we’re seeing about half of people use it so far and that percentage is increasing with each passing week. So, we now have over 300 million miles that have been driven with FSD V12 since the launch of Supervised Full Self-Driving. It’s become very clear that the vision-based approach with end-to-end neural networks is the right solution for scalable autonomy, Musk said. 

The launch of FSD (Supervised) V12 could very well be a breakthrough for the electric vehicle maker’s efforts to collect real-world data for its autonomous driving efforts. As observed by industry watchers on social media, it took FSD about 3.5 years to reach 1 billion miles. In the span of just a few months, another 300 million miles was achieved. It would then be unsurprising if FSD reaches 2 billion cumulative miles in the next few months.

Tesla’s first-quarter results were appreciated by investors, with shares (NASDAQ:TSLA) rising 13.33% in Wednesday’s after-hours trading. As part of the company’s focus on autonomy, Tesla will be unveiling a dedicated Robotaxi, which Elon Musk called the “Cybercab,” on August 8, 2024. 

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Tesla FSD users pass 1.3 billion cumulative miles
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