Tesla Giga Berlin ships out Midnight Cherry Red Model Ys for deliveries in Europe

Credit: Esther Kokkelmans

Tesla Giga Berlin shipped out Model Y vehicles in Midnight Cherry Red over the weekend. 

When Gigafactory Berlin was still being built, Elon Musk heavily teased its advanced paint shop. 

“Giga Berlin will have world’s most advanced paint shop, with more layers of stunning colors that subtly change with curvature,” Musk stated in April 2020.

Musk shared that the color he looked forward to the most from Giga Berlin’s paint shop was its deep crimson base, now known as Midnight Cherry Red. The shade of red is only available to Tesla cars in Europe and the Middle East. 

Tesla’s configuration page notes that Midnight Cherry Red is developed by Gigafactory Berlin. The color option costs an additional €3,200. Tesla Germany’s page also points out that Quicksilver is developed by Giga Berlin and is available in Europe and the Middle East. Quicksilver costs an additional €3,000. 

Gigafactory Berlin is expected to come out with an Abyss Blue paint option, but it is not listed on Tesla’s website–as of this writing. Currently, Tesla offers a Deep Blue Metallic option for an additional €1,600. Giga Berlin customers can also choose a Solid Black paint color that costs €1,200 and Pearl White Multi-Coat, which is free. 

Tesla Giga Berlin offers three Model Y variants in Europe: the base RWD, the Dual-Motor Long Range, and the Performance version. The base RWD Model Y has an estimated 2-4 weeks delivery window. Tesla estimates that Dual-Motor Long Range and Performance Model Ys will be delivered between March-April 2023. 

Tesla recently released Ultra Red for the Model S and Model X. With Red Multi-Coat and Midnight Cherry Red, Tesla now offers customers three different shades of red for varying vehicles. 

In a past interview, Tesla’s Chief Designer said he hoped for new paint options in the United States. Ultra Red may be the beginning of new paint options for Tesla.

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