Tesla Giga Berlin’s new paint colors revealed in mobile app

(Credit: @alex_avoigt/Twitter)

Tesla Giga Berlin’s paint colors were recently revealed via the company’s mobile app. Tesla App update 4.2.1 teased the first three paint colors available for Giga Berlin vehicles.

Tesla plans to produce the Model Y first at Giga Berlin. Within the source code of the Tesla App’s recent update were also references to three new color options: Deep Crimson Multicoat, Abyss Blue Multicoat, and Mercury Silver Metallic. Tesla enthusiast @tesla_adri tried to recreate the available Giga Berlin colors and shared renders of them on Twitter.

Silver Metallic may be Giga Berlin’s default paint option. Earlier this month, Elon Musk said he would discuss bringing silver back as a default paint option after a Tesla owner noted there were too many white Model 3 and Model Y vehicles on the road.

In July, Elon Musk teased Giga Berlin’s Deep Crimson paint color, tweeting that it was his favorite option at the time. A few weeks ago, a Deep Crimson Model Y was spotted at Giga Berlin’s paint shop.

The release of Giga Berlin’s paint options on the Tesla App may not be a coincidence. Brandenburg’s State Office for the Environment recently granted another early approval to Tesla, allowing the company to fully paint 250 car bodies over 60 days. The first Model Y vehicles painted in Tesla Giga Berlin’s advanced paint shop may be spotted soon.

Tesla Giga Berlin has not received full approval to start operations yet. Elon Musk estimated that Tesla could start Giga Berlin Model Y production by December.

However, Brandenburg’s State Office for the Environment decided to repeat another round of discussions about objections to Giga Berlin’s permit, delaying approval for at least another month. The new round of discussions is expected to end on November 22, and the objections will still be evaluated.

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Tesla Giga Berlin’s new paint colors revealed in mobile app
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