Tesla Giga Shanghai set to export thousands of cars before focusing on Q1 2022’s domestic production

Tesla China is ready to send another batch of Giga Shanghai vehicles abroad from Luchao Port. Thousands of Model 3 and Model Y vehicles were spotted parked at the port, hinting at another stellar month of export sales. 

Long-time drone operator Wu Wa recently shared a video of the Tesla Giga Shanghai vehicles parked at Luchao Port, waiting to board a ship for delivery abroad. The footage reveals the sheer number of cars Giga Shanghai can produce in a few weeks, showing its production might. 

In November 2021, Tesla China’s Global VP Grace Tao shared that Giga Shanghai aimed for 500,00 annual output in 2021. Tesla closed the year with 936,172 total vehicle deliveries in 2021. Giga Shanghai contributed significantly to Tesla’s overall delivery numbers last year. In Q4 alone, more than 178,000 Tesla cars delivered were made in Giga Shanghai, more than 50% of the vehicles Tesla delivered in the fourth quarter. 

Tesla China has already exported thousands of vehicles this quarter. Last month, Tesla export vehicles were loaded onto the SFL Composer, which is currently en route to the United Kingdom. According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla Giga Shanghai’s wholesale figures — which includes both domestic sales and exports — reached 59,845 vehicles in January. 

Tesla China’s January 2022 results represent an increase of 286.5% year-over-year. It is a slight decline of 15.5% compared to December 2021’s results when Giga Shanghai’s wholesale numbers reached 70,847 vehicles. 

Tesla isn’t done growing in China yet. It is currently in the middle of expanding Giga Shanghai with an RMB ¥1.2 billion (about $180 million) investment announced in November 2021. The expansion is expected to develop and optimize the gigafactory’s stamping workshop, body workshop, painting workshop, final assembly workshop, and the logistics operations center. The expansion project is scheduled for completion by April 2022. 

Check out Tesla China’s vehicles waiting for export in Luchao Port in the video below.

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Tesla Giga Shanghai set to export thousands of cars before focusing on Q1 2022’s domestic production
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