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Tesla appoints a director for its operation in India

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Tesla has appointed a Director for its operation in India. The company has chosen Prashanth R. Menon, who has been with Tesla for four years, to oversee the company’s introduction into the Indian market.

Menon’s LinkedIn was updated recently, and his job title now indicates that he is the Director of Tesla’s India operation. Previously, he acted as the Director Advisory of Cost, Process, and Regulatory measures in the United States. The in-house hire will be advantageous to Tesla for several reasons, but the most notable is that Menon already knows the company very well from his previous experience. He shares some experience prior to Tesla with Elon Musk, as the two both attended the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton School of Business.

The new job title for Prashanth Menon was found by @TeslaClubIN on Twitter.

Menon will join Tesla’s already-established group of executives who are in charge of the company’s entrance into India. Earlier this year, Tesla named David Feinstein, Vaibhav Taneja, and Venkatrangam Sreeram as the three employees who would oversee the introductory and subsequent operations in the country. While the India project has been speculated for several years, it seems Tesla is making adequate progress so far in 2021 to get the operation up and running.

Details regarding Tesla in India remain relatively sparse, and new updates occur every few months, it seems. Tesla is currently attempting to get its Giga Texas and Giga Berlin factories up and running by the end of the year. CEO Elon Musk says that volume production for both factories is expected to begin in 2022, but limited production will occur at both factories this year.

Meanwhile, Tesla continues to make minor strides with India. Although there were rumors that Tesla would launch the India Design Studio in January, there have been no indications that the automaker is opening up the possibility of ordering a vehicle through its website. However, this could be because Tesla has not yet officially finalized plans for a production facility, although it does list its address in Bangalore, the capital of the Indian State of Karnataka.  There have been several rumors regarding where Tesla plans to open up its initial production facility in India. Karnataka has been mentioned as the choice for Tesla’s manufacturing plant by the State’s Chief Minister. The automaker has not yet confirmed or denied these reports.

Tesla lands on Karnataka for India factory: Chief Minister

Tesla’s executive team continues to build out into an impressive stack of company employees and automotive industry veterans. More details are sure to come in the coming months as Tesla gears up to continue its expanding outreach of EVs globally.

Tesla appoints a director for its operation in India
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