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Tesla Investor Day can have greater significance on market’s perception of rivals: Morgan Stanley

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Tesla Investor Day will not only be significant for the company and its plans for the future. It will also have great significance on the market’s perception for Tesla’s competitors in the electric vehicle segment. This was according to Morgan Stanley analysts in a recent preview. 

In their Tesla Investor Day preview, Morgan Stanley analysts noted that they expect Tesla to unveil a suite of technologies that could enable the company to foster the mass adoption of electric vehicles. This would require the electric vehicle maker to come up with compelling EVs at lower price points. 

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas, who has an “Overweight” rating and a $220 per share price target on TSLA stock, noted that this is a “critical component of Master Plan Part 3.” Musk teased as much in previous posts on Twitter, noting that Investor Day will present a path towards a “fully sustainable energy future for Earth.” 

With this in mind, Jonas noted that Investor Day could very well be significant not only to Tesla, but also to other players in the EV segment. “It is very possible that Tesla’s March 1st Investor Day may have greater significance on the market’s perception (and ultimately, valuation) for Tesla’s EV competitors than for Tesla itself,” the analyst noted

For Tesla to truly become a global force in the automotive sector, the company would have to produce vehicles at a lower price point. The Morgan Stanley analysts noted that Tesla would have to lower the average selling price of their vehicles for this to happen. The company should also be able to cut costs to maintain its industry-leading margins. Projects such as the highly-anticipated $25,000 compact car and the Model 3’s “Project Highland” update would likely help the company accomplish these goals. 

“With a stated target of a competitive offering at a $25,000 price point, Tesla will have to make significant progress from their current COGS per vehicle (~$39k in FY22). A re-designed interior of the Model 3 (Project Highland) and the subsequent learnings could be a step in the right direction,” the analysts noted. 

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Tesla Investor Day can have greater significance on market’s perception of rivals: Morgan Stanley
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