Elon Musk explains what Tesla really refers to as “investors” on Investor Day

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From its name, Tesla’s Investor Day event seems like a dedicated occasion for the company’s shareholders. But in a recent post on Twitter, Elon Musk explained what Tesla really means when it says “investors,” especially in the context of the upcoming event.

As noted by Musk in his post, Investor Day will be relevant to the “broadest definition of investors in the people & life on Earth.” The CEO also highlighted that overall, the message of Tesla’s Investor Day would be one of hope and positivity for the future. 

“Looking forward to Tesla Investor Day on March 1. By this, we mean the broadest definition of investor, as in the people & life of Earth. It will be a message of good hope & positivity for the future,” Musk wrote on his post. 

Musk’s recent post would likely ring true, especially since Investor Day will include a discussion on the CEO’s Master Plan Part 3. Musk has only provided teasers about Master Plan Part 3 so far, though he has noted in the past that it would cover how Tesla could achieve extreme scale. The plan will also include sections on Musk’s other ventures, such as SpaceX and The Boring Company.

Tesla’s growth over the years has been mapped out by Elon Musk since the early days of the company. Back in 2006, Musk unveiled his initial Master Plan, which proposed a roadmap for Tesla to transform from a niche electric vehicle maker that created vehicles like the original Roadster to a mainstream automaker that produces cars like the Model 3. The plan also addressed the possibility of electric car drivers employing renewable energy sources, such as solar energy, to power their vehicles. 

Ten years after Tesla’s initial Master Plan, Musk introduced Master Plan, Part Deux, which outlined the company’s intentions to broaden its horizons by introducing new vehicle models such as heavy-duty trucks, pickups, and urban transportation. It also prioritized Tesla Energy and solar products, along with the development and rollout of sophisticated driver-assistance technologies like Autopilot. The plan also teased the company’s Robotaxi Network ambitions. 

Expectations are high that Master Plan Part 3 will address Tesla’s upcoming affordable vehicle, which is projected to cost roughly $25,000. As per the company’s Q4 and FY 2022 Update Letter, the “next generation vehicle platform is under development,” and “additional details” about the car will be revealed during Investor Day.

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Elon Musk explains what Tesla really refers to as “investors” on Investor Day
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