Tesla Master Plan Part 3 is void of Roadster, but there might be a reason why

Credit: Tesla

Tesla’s Master Plan Part 3 detailed the final portions of how the electric automaker plans to influence and dominate the global market through sustainability. It featured plans for mass production of a new compact model, volume projections for the Cybertruck, and new details on other commercial vehicles, but it was void of the Roadster.

The Tesla Roadster has been one of the company’s crown jewels, but it has been teased for so many years that some fans are wondering if it will ever actually reach production.

In the third iteration of the Master Plan, Tesla broadened its scope for how it can achieve a monumental transition to sustainable powertrains across the entire market, but also how it can achieve a mass production forecast of its entire vehicle lineup.

It featured key contributors to that plan, which include the heavily rumored compact sedan that could be built at its upcoming Gigafactory in Mexico, as well as commercial vehicle applications like a van and two different pack sizes for the Semi.

What it was void of, however, is the Roadster, and the fact that the Master Plan Part 3 was geared toward Tesla’s long-term goals and major contributors to how it can help the world achieve a sustainable future may be the very reason it was not included.

The Roadster is an extremely low-volume vehicle. It costs $250,000, it is apparently going to feature SpaceX cold-gas thrusters for face-melting acceleration, it might have hovering capabilities, but its production has always been derailed by some sort of circumstance beyond Tesla’s control.

Set to make its first deliveries in 2021, the Roadster was put on the back burner, no pun intended, by the COVID-19 pandemic, which basically disrupted nearly every company in the sector in some way. With Tesla looking to survive supply chain constraints and fulfill orders for its vehicles, the Roadster simply was not a priority. Tesla pushed production back to 2022.

2022 came and went, and CEO Elon Musk detailed late last year that the vehicle could come this year, as long as Tesla avoided supply chain “mega drama.”

But it seems the Roadster won’t be here this year, either. Tesla will instead focus on Cybertruck production and ramping up its factories for mass electrification, and the Roadster simply does not fit those plans.

Chief Designer for Tesla Franz von Holzhausen said recently that Tesla was in the process of developing the Roadster, but it just won’t make it to the production phases this year:

“We’re developing the car. I think you know we have priorities as a company, and the priorities are mass electrification. And Roadster is not a mass product. So, unfortunately, you know it takes its kind of position, but we are working on it in earnest. And I think the time that we’ve taken had enabled us to really improve on basically every metric that we set out to establish when we first debuted that.”

Last evening’s release of the Master Plan Part 3 revealed a lot of details, but the global fleet only included mass-market vehicles that will contribute to the company’s plan to increase the volume of cars it puts on the road.

Credit: Tesla

The Roadster simply does not fit those plans, so don’t be discouraged if you’re awaiting any updates on its production.

Nevertheless, there is reason to be slightly frustrated with the timeline of the vehicle, especially as it continues to be pushed back for a multitude of reasons. We can only hope the vehicle will be out within the next few years, and even if it is slightly different than what was shown in 2020 and what some customers are expecting.

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