Tesla Megapack batteries to power two new 50MW renewable projects in the UK

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla Megapacks will power two new 50MW battery storage projects in the United Kingdom for Australian clean energy producer Tag Energy.

The two Tag Energy projects Tesla will provide Megapacks for are the 49.5M/99MWh Chapel Farm battery project near Luton in England and the 49MW/98MWh Jamesfield Farm battery project near Abernethy in Scotland. The Australian energy provider acquired a 60% stake in the two 50MW battery storage projects through a combined investment of nearly £60 million (~$81 million). Tag Energy entered a joint venture with British renewable and battery storage developer Harmony Energy to invest in the projects.

Tag Energy began constructing its first Tesla-powered battery storage facility in Dorset more than a month ago. The Australian clean energy provider collected £64 million (~$86 million) in funds to construct its £16 million (~$21 million) storage facility in Hawker’s Hill Energy Park near Shaftsbury.

The Chapel Farm and Jamesfield Farm projects mark Tag Energy’s third battery storage facility in the UK. Construction on both of the battery storage facilities is expected to start by the first quarter of 2022. The commissioning of Chapel Farm and Jamesfield Farm is scheduled to begin a year after construction, around the first quarter of 2023.

Tag Energy is currently headed by Franck Wotiez, who was formerly the head of Neoen Australia. Wotiez led Neoen during the installation of Tesla’s Big Battery in Hornsdale back in 2017. So, it may not be a surprise that Tag Energy has partnered with Tesla Energy on its battery storage facilities in the UK.

“These projects underscore Tag Energy’s commitment to leveraging our strong storage expertise to support the UK grid in connecting more sustainable, competitive and clean power to accelerate the energy transition,” commented Woitiez on Tag Energy’s upcoming UK projects.

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Tesla Megapack batteries to power two new 50MW renewable projects in the UK
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