Tesla Megapacks go live in Oahu, garnering visit from executive

Credit: Drew Baglino | X

Tesla’s Megapacks offer energy storage for renewable sources like solar, and as the company deploys more and more of these projects around the world, one large site with these giant batteries has just gone online in Hawaii.

On Friday, Drew Baglino, Tesla Senior VP of Powertrain and Energy Engineering, posted a photo on X from the Kapolei Energy Storage (KES) project site in Oahu, noting that the 185 MW Megapack project had successfully reached its Commercial Operation Date (COD). The project was underway throughout much of last year, and Baglino’s post includes a picture with part of the install team, along with many of the Megapacks — and a Starlink dish — in the background.

In a post on LinkedIn last June, partnering utility company Hawaiian Electric posted about the KES site, noting that it encompasses around eight acres in Kapolei. The post also included a number of photos of the site from fellow partner Plus Power, seemingly showing a total of 79 separate Megapack units.

Tesla’s Megapacks have also played a particularly special role in Hawaii, where the giant batteries have helped end the use of coal for power generation.

Credit: Plus Power (via Hawaiian Electric | LinkedIn)

Tesla has been pumping Megapacks out at its Lathrop, California, “Megafactory,” ending Q4 with about 339 Megapack units seen at the site’s exterior. In addition, Tesla held a signing event for a new Megafactory in Shanghai, China, last month, which is eventually expected to produce around 10,000 Megapacks per year.

Massive Megapack projects have also been deployed to those in countries around the world, including a few sites in Australia, a large project in the United Kingdom, and a major ongoing installation of the batteries at Tesla’s Gigafactory Texas, among others still.

Tesla highlights latest milestone in Megapack energy storage deployment

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Tesla Megapacks go live in Oahu, garnering visit from executive
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