150MW/300 MWh Tesla Megapack system in Australia goes live

(Credit: Edify Energy)

A 150 MW/300 MWh Tesla Megapack system in New South Wales is fully operational, making it the largest battery in New South Wales (NSW) Australia. 

Edify Energy and Federation Asset Management built the largest Tesla Megapack system in NWS. The project—referred to as the Riverina BESS—consists of three independent, co-located systems listed below.

  • 60MW / 120MWh Riverina Energy Storage System 1
  • 65MW / 130MWh Riverina Energy Storage System 2
  • 25MW / 50MWh Darlington Point Energy Storage System

With the Tesla Megapack system, the Riverina BESS has sufficient battery output to supply 240,000 homes with 2 hours of electricity during peak usage. The Tesla Megapacks supporting the system operate in virtual synchronous generator mode, ensuring a reliable output of clean energy on demand. 

The 150 MW/300 MWh battery energy storage systems (BESS) are contracted to Shell Energy and the NSW Government. Shell Energy signed a long-term services agreement to have operational rights to the 60 MW/120 kWh Riverina Energy Storage System 1. 

The project is located in Wiradjuri land, the largest Aboriginal Nation in New South Wales. The Wiradjuri people are known as the “people of 3 rivers” and are known for having a deep understanding of how to live in harmony with the environment.

“This is the second development in the Riverina region for Edify. Being a part of the community and contributing to the long-term prosperity of the Darlington Point is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. Edify is proud to support local community infrastructure and events which contribute to cultural and economic prosperity of the town,” said Edify’s Chief Executive John Cole.

“The potential for battery storage technology is immense. It is a key part of the clean energy transition and goes hand in glove with harnessing and firming Australia’s abundant renewable resources. This new system in the Riverina elevates the playing field with innovative firming technology ironing out the variable output of wind and solar, delivering affordable and reliable electricity to NSW homes and businesses,” Cole explained.

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150MW/300 MWh Tesla Megapack system in Australia goes live
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