Here’s what Tesla Model 3 buyers are willing to spend by country

Photo: rendition of a Model 3 Design Studio

Ben Sullins of the popular Teslanomics YouTube channel analyzed data submitted by 8,000 Model 3 reservation holders and found that the total price people are willing to spend on the car varies greatly by country.

The data being provided by which gave us early clues that Model 3 reservation holders would rather wait for AWD also allows us to see the final pricing for the car based on mock configurations. The pricing options in the tool are best estimates based on historic Model S and X pricing, rolled together with the few facts we know about Model 3 from Elon’s Tweets.

Teslanomics exported the configuration and pricing data from and ran it through a data visualization tool, Tableau, to aggregate data into logical, color coded and an interactive chart. This allows us to see an average forecasted purchase price of Model 3 broken down by country. Most buyers in the U.S. have a median budget of $48,000 while Model 3 reservation holders in Sweden are willing to spend 18% more, bringing the median budget to roughly $56,000.

The data from Portugal highlights a massive discrepancy where buyers are only budgeting a little over $24,000 USD in contrast with an estimated median vehicle price of $45,000 USD. It is worth noting that the Portugal data is based on a mere 4 data points with the majority of the spread showing much closer ties between budgets and estimates due to a higher sample.

All eyes are on Tesla’s Model 3 production ramp up curve as the company nears its early production date set for July.

Until then, check out the video below and be sure to contribute to the Tesla community by filling in your preferences on Also, let us know what options you will be adding when Model 3 is ready for ordering in our comments.


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