Tesla Model X awarded 5-star safety rating in every category by NHTSA

Just a few short hours after we posted the cringeworthy crash test videos of the Tesla Model X, Tesla confirmed through a company blog post that the Model X has officially been awarded a 5-star safety rating by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) in every safety category.

The NHTSA updated its website to show the official 2017 Tesla Model X safety rating which reveals a perfect overall safety score, making it the safest SUV possible as ranked by the administration. Tesla notes that the Model X achieved the best safety results achieved by any SUV ever tested, and in fact achieved the second best safety results of any vehicle ever tested, right behind the Tesla Model S. One might recall that the Model S was so revolutionary when tested that it broke the testing machine.

The impressive safety results achieved by the Model X demonstrate another fundamental advantage of electric vehicles over vehicles with front-engine designs. The large crumple zones found in the engine-less Model X provide superb crash protection by absorbing the force of an impact. In the event of a crash, occupants have a 93% probability of walking away from it without facing serious injury. Model X’s 5-star safety rating is a game changer for SUVs which are historically prone to rolling over due to their higher center of gravity.

Much like the Model S, the Model X achieved the best ever rollover results in its class due to the skateboard battery design which puts the 1,200 pound battery as low as possible in the vehicle. The battery serves to hold the vehicle to the ground, mitigating any potential for rollover that might exist in an accident.

We’ve provided the full announcement by Tesla below.

Tesla Model X the First SUV Ever to Achieve 5-Star Crash Rating in Every Category

Tesla Model X awarded 5-star safety rating in every category by NHTSA
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