Tesla Model Y sales skyrocketed in China during the first quarter: analysis

(Credit: Tesla Asia/Twitter)

Tesla is confident that the Model Y will become the best-selling vehicle in any category worldwide. Model Y sales from the first quarter reveal that Tesla’s prediction will reach fruition. The Tesla Model Y has already gained traction in one of the biggest car markets in the world: China. Now, there’s only the rest of the world to conquer. 

JATO Dynamics’ research discovered that China was the biggest market for the Tesla Model Y in Q1 2023. Reuters calculated that 94,467 Model Y were sold in China during the first quarter. In total, Tesla sold approximately 267,171 Model Y units in Q1 2023. 

At this year’s Tesla Shareholders Meeting, the company’s Chairman of the Board, Robyn Denholm, stated that the Model Y is already the best-selling vehicle of any kind in Europe. The all-electric crossover SUV is also the best-selling non-pickup in the United States. With support from Asia’s biggest automobile market, the Tesla Model Y could become the best-selling vehicle in any category by next year. 

Tesla’s Model Y sales in the first quarter were no joke. Based on JATO’s data, Tesla’s crossover SUV already beat the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Hill, Toyota Rav4, and the Toyota Camry in global sales. The Model Y ranked number 1 in global sales. Tesla crossover SUV was the only fully electric vehicle on the list, making its global sales achievement even more impressive. 

Tesla has become a global name but hasn’t reached all potential markets yet. There are still quite a few markets in Asia where Tesla does not sell vehicles. It would be interesting to follow the Model Y’s trajectory in the future. Tesla continues to improve the Model Y to this day. Last week, Tesla Model Y units with Hardware 4 (HW4) were spotted shipping from the Fremont Factory. 

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Tesla Model Y sales skyrocketed in China during the first quarter: analysis
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