Tesla Model Y roof rack

Tesla Model Y spotted testing with roof racks installed

Tesla Model Y roof rack (Credit: RTK via YouTube)

A Tesla Model Y with roof racks has been spotted, giving us a first look at how the roof-mounted rails will appear on the all-electric crossover.

The sighting of the Model Y with a low profile roof rack mounted atop the vehicle’s all-glass roof took place on CA State Route 237 in Sunnyvale, a stone’s throw away from Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In the video shared by RTK, the Model Y roof rack with crossbars looks very reminiscent of the Model 3 roof rack that Tesla currently offers in its online shop. Considering that the Model Y is largely based on the Model 3 platform and share roughly 75% of its components, one can presume that the roof racks will also be very similar in design and fitment, if not the same.

Assuming the later, the Model Y roof rack will feature an easy installation process that attaches to four mounting points on the vehicle’s all-glass roof. Tesla has traditionally used clips that slide beneath the rubber gasket alongside the glass roof and anchor to the roof rack’s factory connection points. One can assume that the roof rack installation process for the Model Y roof rack would be no different than the Model 3.

Tesla’s roof rack is generally constructed of powder-coated aluminum and features a T-slot that runs along the crossbar. With max load rating typically around 150 lbs, the rack can be used to secure a variety of roof-mounted items, including skis, bikes, and cargo boxes when used with proper attachments.

Although Tesla Model Y does not come with a standard roof rack, according to what’s seen on the vehicle’s online configurator, we can expect that it will eventually be sold separately on the company’s online shop like Model 3.

Tesla Model Y spotted testing with roof racks installed
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