Watch Tesla Autopark safely and confidently back into a parking space

Tesla Autopark is rolling out to owners in its newest iteration, and the first looks at the feature’s performance are circulating on social media.

Among the first videos of the new Autopark feature seen on social media show a vehicle safely and confidently backing into a parking space after the driver chooses a spot.

The Tesla then pulls forward and backs into the space with ease, comes to a complete stop, and successfully performs a routine maneuver to occupy a spot.

The video was uploaded on X by a Tesla owner who shows the capability of the maneuver, which uses only cameras, as the previous versions relied on both cameras and ultrasonic sensors for some of its semi-autonomous driving functions:

Autopark updates have been coming for a long time.

Tesla owners have requested improvements on the feature for several years. These requests were finally answered earlier this month, as CEO Elon Musk confirmed that Autopark and Summon improvements would be coming to customers.

Tesla Summon to get major improvements, Autopark gets a new name

Last week, these improvements finally started to roll out to customers in the form of a Software Update. Version 2024.2.11 equipped several improvements, including a new version of Autopark, which included the following release notes:

“Your vehicle can now automatically park — and parallel park — in designated spaces.

When you’re driving at low speed, your display highlights potential parking spaces. Autopark shows a circular P symbol to suggest a space, but you can choose any highlighted space.

To start parking, stop the vehicle, press Start, and release the steering wheel so it can move freely. Refer to the Owner’s Manual for more detail.

As with all Autopilot features, you must continue to pay attention and be ready to take immediate action, including canceling Autopark.”

Tesla was attempting to bring the feature to vehicles that were utilizing Vision-only for its semi-autonomous driving functions.

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Watch Tesla Autopark safely and confidently back into a parking space
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