Tesla Model Y demonstrates uncanny stability in test against Toyota pickup

Credit: @offroad.iran/Instagram

A test involving a Tesla Model Y and a Toyota pickup truck ended with some interesting results. The test highlighted the stellar weight distribution of the Tesla Model Y, which makes the vehicle uncannily stable even in the strangest terrain. 

Teslas may be relatively heavy vehicles due to their battery packs, but they also have a very low center of gravity. These factors played a part when automotive group offroad.iran from Instagram checked if the Model Y could stay stable when only one side of it was driven up a ramp. The Model Y performed very well, as it stayed stable even when only two of its wheels were on the ramp.Β 

The results of Model Y’s test were notable, which was evident from the reactions of the Instagram channel’s host. As could be seen in the video, some of the people around the Model Y found it quite humorous that the vehicle actually stayed stable when only one side of the vehicle was actually touching the ramp.Β 

More lighthearted laughter ensued when the Toyota pickup attempted the same test. The Toyota pickup attacked the ramp much faster than the Model Y. Unlike the all-electric crossover, the vehicle wasn’t even able to get its two wheels on the ramp. This was likely due to the fact that the weight distribution of the combustion-powered pickup truck is far from that of the Model Y. The Toyota, after all, has a heavy internal combustion engine and transmission in the front and an empty bed in the rear.Β 

Had the Toyota pickup truck climbed the ramp with a full bed and had the driver maintained a more deliberate speed during the impromptu test, the vehicle might have performed better. Of course, it is quite difficult to beat the Model Y in such a test, as the all-electric crossover’s low center of gravity and stellar weight distribution make it very stable, even in the most uneven terrain.Β 

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Tesla Model Y demonstrates uncanny stability in test against Toyota pickup
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