Tesla apparently has a ‘Cyber Shield’ cleaner for Cybertruck in the works

Credit: Tesla | DMC81 on Cybertruck Owners Club Forum

Tesla apparently has a “Cyber Shield” cleaner for Cybertruck in the works, as the pickup’s delivery event is scheduled for Thursday.

The Cybertruck’s exterior is stainless steel, and one of the main concerns about the vehicle is how people will be able to avoid fingerprints and other smudges. Stainless steel cleaners are not hard to come by, but Tesla might be looking to brand its own cleaner with the help of a notable third-party company.

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According to the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum, one fan who visited a Florida showroom said that detailing product company Auto Renu has already developed a solution with the “Cybershield.”

“…the product was a collaboration with Tesla,” forum user DMC-81 said, who stated a Tesla employee was provided with the Cyber Shield to maintain the clean look of the Cybertruck while thousands took a peek at the vehicle over the holiday weekend.

The bottle description mentions the Cybertruck, according to the original poster:

“Cyber Shield is a cutting-edge cleaner and protective solution that redefines the way you care for the exterior stainless surfaces of the Cybertruck.”

The question is, is this a legitimate product that Auto Renu and Tesla will offer? As of right now, we are unsure that Tesla will offer a developed product to the public, and this might have been a novelty thing that Tesla sent to employees at showrooms around the country.

Auto Renu does not have the product listed on its site, and although we are just three days away from Cybertruck’s first deliveries, it seems like it would be released to the public or hinted toward in some way as a way to hype up the pickup and the product.

Auto Renu also did not respond to our initial inquiries that it had worked with Tesla to develop the Cyber Shield.

Tesla will deliver the first Cybertruck units on Thursday.

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Tesla apparently has a ‘Cyber Shield’ cleaner for Cybertruck in the works
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