Tesla navigation adds speed camera awareness and more in update

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla’s vehicles can now recognize speed cameras as of its latest update, along with several other navigation features that will reportedly be coming soon.

Code sleuth and Tesla update observer Greentheonly said on Sunday that Tesla software update 2023.27.12 has added the speed camera awareness feature along with other camera awareness capabilities. The update includes the Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version, and it was first spotted in a Tesla vehicle on Saturday, according to Teslascope.

The software update also includes red light camera awareness, including those for fixed and mobile versions, and a combined awareness for red lights and speed cameras. Green also says that several other navigation features appear to be right around the corner, including U-turn control and an “avoid construction on route” setting, as found in internal code for Tesla’s maps system.

In addition, Green notes that the cabin camera driver monitoring system is officially assessing “driver liveliness,” as it has made its way to Tesla’s user interface (UI) after the feature was first spotted in Autopilot code in May and launched in October.

Green also spotted features like Tesla’s plans for live car-to-car object-on-road detection and charging congestion fees in October, the latter of which was officially launched by the automaker last month. More recently, Green found a button for the Cybertruck’s front camera washer, and code suggesting that Tesla may start charging for heated seats and wipers.

The new features also come as Tesla started rolling out its FSD version 12 to employees just over a week ago, which CEO Elon Musk has said will drop the “beta” moniker. The FSD v12 system is expected to use billions of frames of video data from real-world driving footage to train its artificially intelligent neural network, moving away from the “rules-based approach” of prior versions.


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Tesla navigation adds speed camera awareness and more in update
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