Tesla may add live object detection and more in upcoming update

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Tesla’s over-the-air (OTA) software updates deploy regular improvements to the automaker’s vehicles, and many owners have watched the company slowly enhance their cars over the period of their ownership. One source is now claiming that Tesla will add a handful of useful features in an upcoming update, including live object-on-road detection, Supercharger congestion fees and more.

X user and Tesla sleuth Greentheonly reportedly looked at internal code for forthcoming software update 2023.38, finding that the automaker seems to be planning to release the object detection and charging congestion features, along with others (via Not a Tesla App).

Green notes that the object-on-road detection feature is not dissimilar from the functionality of Waze, only it will use real-time data from other Tesla vehicles to report obstacles or hazards. Once an object is detected on the road, it will immediately appear on the displays of other nearby Teslas.

Another feature that appears to be coming with the upcoming update is the addition of Supercharger congestion fees for those charging beyond 80 percent. In addition, the update is expected to unveil an autodial 911 feature when airbags deploy, improved alternate route suggestions and more.

Green also alludes to other potential features, including text-to-speech for navigation, expected to be debuted in China first, and something called karaoke tuning. Additionally, Green highlights other items in the code that he says he doesn’t understand or doesn’t have time to look into.

You can see Green’s post on X below, with many of his discoveries shared in the larger thread.

As Not a Tesla App points out, Green spotting the features doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be released, and it’s still possible for Tesla to scrap some of these. It’s equally possible that Tesla is currently testing these features with the intention of releasing them with a future update and maybe even with 2023.38.

In the past, Green spotted Tesla’s addition of a driver drowsiness icon before the automaker unveiled its recent drowsiness monitoring feature, and he alluded to the alleged “Elon Mode” Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta feature that was widely discussed earlier this year.

Update: The software update was corrected to 2023.38 in the second paragraph.

New Tesla feature auto-activates hazards when airbag is deployed

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Tesla may add live object detection and more in upcoming update
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