Tesla looking to produce next-gen EV codenamed “Redwood” in mid-2025: report

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Tesla has undoubtedly become a mainstream carmaker, and the Model Y even became one of the world’s best-selling vehicles last year. Despite this, the company still does not have a car that can compete in the affordable segment, as both the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover are still premium vehicles. 

Citing people reportedly familiar with the matter, Reuters recently claimed that Tesla has informed its suppliers that it is looking to start the production of its next-generation platform in mid-2025. A new mass-market electric car that would be built on this platform is reportedly codenamed “Redwood.” 

Interestingly enough, two of the publication’s sources reportedly described the upcoming vehicle as a compact crossover. Some of Reuters’ sources also stated that Tesla had sent “requests for quotes” for the upcoming “Redwood” model to its suppliers last year. 

Expectations for the upcoming affordable vehicle’s production are reportedly set at about 10,000 per week, which is quite high but feasible considering the expected innovations in Tesla’s next-generation platform. The vehicle’s production would start around June 2025, though volume production would likely start sometime in 2026, one of Reuters’ sources claimed. 

The publication’s sources also noted that in recent years, Tesla tore down a Honda Civic to study how to manufacture affordable cars. Such a practice is quite normal in the auto industry, though it should be noted that the Honda Civic is produced in a rather conventional manner. Tesla’s next-generation vehicles, on the other hand, are expected to be manufactured using the company’s unboxed process

Tesla’s affordable vehicle, which is expected to start at about $25,000, was mentioned in prolific author Walter Isaacson’s biography of CEO Elon Musk, which was released last year. As per the biographer, Tesla’s affordable next-generation vehicle would be built alongside a dedicated robotaxi, which would be designed exclusively for autonomous ride-hailing services. 

Musk does seem quite excited about the upcoming affordable Teslas, noting in the company’s annual shareholder meeting last year that the design and manufacturing innovations of the next-generation EVs will be industry-leading. “Both the design of the products and manufacturing techniques are head and shoulders above anything else that is present in the industry,” Musk said. 

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Tesla looking to produce next-gen EV codenamed “Redwood” in mid-2025: report
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