Tesla next-gen Roadster will be a collaboration with SpaceX: Elon Musk

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently shared a number of notable updates for the next-generation Roadster. Apart from stating that Tesla is aiming to unveil the upcoming all-electric supercar later this year, Musk also provided some interesting tidbits about the vehicle. Among these is the fact that the new Roadster would be the product of Musk’s two largest companies — Tesla and SpaceX. 

The new Roadster has been pushed far back in the company’s list of projects for years. Initially unveiled in late 2017 during the Tesla Semi’s unveiling, the Roadster was announced with a target availability date of 2020. The year came and went, of course, and the next-generation Roadster has mostly been forgotten, especially with Tesla getting busy with the Cybertruck. 

But with the Cybertruck now being produced and the company now working on its next-generation platform, it would appear that Tesla is finally ready to work on releasing the new Roadster. Over the years, Musk’s comments about the vehicle have become wilder, with the CEO noting that the supercar should be able to fly for short “hops” due to a dedicated SpaceX package that would incorporate rocket tech in the car. 

Musk’s recent tweets about the new Roadster suggest that the CEO has not abandoned his wild dreams for Tesla’s halo car. As per Musk, Tesla has radically increased the design goals for the next-generation Roadster. He also noted that there will never be another car like the new Roadster — if the vehicle could even be called a car. This was because the next-generation Roadster is the product of a Tesla-SpaceX collaboration. 

In later posts, Musk noted that the new Tesla Roadster’s planned unveiling would have a shot at “being the most mind-blowing product demo of all time.” Musk seems to be keeping the idea that the new Roadster would feature rocket technology, as hinted at by his cheeky response to a Tesla enthusiast who noted that the EV maker is actually making a rocket on wheels. Equally cheeky responses from Musk were posted on a question asking if the new Roadster would be able to fly a little. 

While it would be easy to discount Elon Musk’s recent round of updates for the new Tesla Roadster as the typical overly-optimistic musings of the CEO, it should be noted that Tesla did just bring the Cybertruck — a vehicle that critics argued would never get released — into production. The Cybertruck is as wild as they come, and Tesla is now delivering it to consumers. If Tesla could pull off the Cybertruck, then it would not be surprising if Tesla delivers on the new Roadster as well. 

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