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Tesla Roadster trio in China swells to $2M ahead of potential auction closure

Credit: Gruber Motors

The Tesla Roadster trio in China has swelled to $2 million telling from its most recent bid received on May 30, and the auction is set to end tonight, barring another extension.

The Tesla Roadsters were found in a supply container in China, and Gruber Motors has been handling bidding for the owner, which started in early May. The auction was expected to end last weekend, but due to several $1M+ bids flooding in from various potential buyers, Gruber extended the bidding.

At the time of the initial auction end date, bids had only reached $800,000, which was relatively low for three Roadsters, along with an additional unit that was taken apart and in crates.

Single units with miles on the odometer had sold for well over $1M several years ago, and these units are fresh with no miles driven. The condition of the battery packs, after being stagnant for so long, is unknown.

Bidding is set to end tonight at midnight, and the several $1M+ bids that were received in late May have been vetted, with the top bid coming in at $2M. Gruber updated the list of bids, which is as follows:

  • Bid 05/02/2023 – $50K ea total $150K
  • Bid 05/02/2023 – $70K Red VIN 1107
  • Bid 05/02/2023 – $76K Red VIN 1107
  • Bid 05/03/2023 – $60K Orange Sport VIN 1120
  • Bid 05/03/2023 – $200K All three
  • Bid 05/04/2023 – $225K All three
  • Bid 05/05/2023 – $500K All three
  • Bid 05/06/2023 – $600K All three
  • Bid 05/08/2023 – $220K Red VIN 1107
  • Bid 05/08/2023 – $700K All three
  • Bid 05/08/2023 – $750K All three
  • Bid 05/24/2023 – $800K All three
  • Bid 05/30/2023 – $2M All three

The Roadsters have also been transported to new sea containers and will be shipped either directly to the buyer or to Dubai, which is a free zone, “without the constraints for viewing permits required for prospective buyers wishing to examine the Roadsters,” Gruber said.

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Tesla Roadster trio in China swells to $2M ahead of potential auction closure
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