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Tesla Solar Roof aces long-term test: customer sees $0 power bills for a year

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The Tesla Solar Roof has mostly stayed in the background as the company focused its efforts on its electric vehicle division. The Solar Roof’s rollout has also seen some challenges and delays over the years. But for some customers who have had the product installed on their homes, the product more than speak for itself. 

This was the case with noted YouTube reviewer Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), who opted to go for a Solar Roof with Powerwall setup for his home. Being a Tesla owner, the reviewer noted that it made sense to get a Solar Roof system as well, even if it was not the most cost-effective option. 

The reviewer’s setup is quite impressive, with the Solar Roof tiles offering 29.313 kW and three Powerwall batteries offering 40.5 kWh of energy storage. The system is massive, and on its own, the entire setup cost $120,948.04. Thanks to the federal tax credit, however, the price of the Solar Roof setup was reduced to just around $93,000. 

That’s still a very expensive system, though it is one that ended up providing Brownlee with $0 power bills for the entire year. Despite the winter effectively reducing the system’s ability to capture and store energy, the net metering credits that have been accumulated by the Solar Roof over the other months of the year proved more than enough to cover the home’s grid usage during the cold months. 

Considering the power used by the reviewer’s home over the year, Brownlee estimated that the system’s payback period would be below ten years. That’s not bad at all, as the Solar Roof is designed to last much longer than ten years. 

In a way, the Solar Roof is still pretty much a niche product for now, considering its price and availability. For those who have been fortunate enough to install it into their homes, however, the solar shingles could be well worth the investment. It is a piece of bleeding-edge tech, after all, and it will likely only get better over time. 

Watch Marques Brownlee’s one-year Tesla Solar Roof review below. 

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Tesla Solar Roof aces long-term test: customer sees $0 power bills for a year
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