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Tesla teases Cybertruck’s epic winter testing

Credit: Tesla

Tesla teased the Cybertruck’s epic winter testing by showing off a photo of the vehicle treading through frozen tundra.

With Cybertruck production nearing, Tesla is continuing to show off what the final product might look like in several looks through both candid shots taken by lucky onlookers and exclusive photos shared by the company.

Testing for the Cybertruck has been robust and treacherous, and it is needed. Based on what Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk’s expectations for the vehicle are, the automaker is stopping at nothing to ensure the vehicle will be able to take on even the most hardcore terrains and conditions.

Over the past six months, so many Cybertruck spottings have taken place, with many of them occurring in California near the company’s past headquarters in Palo Alto. In fact, we saw the first sighting of the Cybertruck in Texas near the company’s production facility just a few weeks ago as manufacturing moves closer to reality for the all-electric pickup.

Tesla Cybertruck testing expands to public roads in Texas

Just a few days ago, Tesla shared a look at winter testing for the Cybertruck, hinting that its assessment in some intimidating, snowy, and icy conditions is just one of the ways the company is making sure it’s ready for nearly any scenario.

Pickups are an extremely popular body style in the United States market, where the Cybertruck is evidently geared toward. The Ford F-Series has dominated the U.S. market for pickups for years, and this past year was no different.

Ford offers both commercial applications and luxury with the F-Series pickups, and Tesla is going to do the same with the Cybertruck.

Its unique design has so often been referred to as “polarizing,” and while analysts are undecided on whether to call it “ugly” or a “cult” design, the over 1 million pre-orders for the truck have already indicated it will be one of Tesla’s biggest successes.

However, its design is more than what Tesla is after in terms of attracting buyers. While it has sharp edges and is unlike nearly anything we’ve ever seen on the market, it also will likely have applications in some of the most challenging situations. Musk has said in the past it will be capable of scaling some heavy-duty water applications.

Elon Musk says the Tesla Cybertruck will cross rivers, lakes, and seas with waterproof ability

While we have no evidence that this will actually occur, there is definitely proof the Cybertruck will be able to handle some incredibly difficult terrains and situations moving forward.

The earliest videos of the Cybertruck saw the pickup engaged in a Tug-of-War with an F-150, showing it was definitely capable of handling stressful scenarios.

Tesla teases Cybertruck’s epic winter testing
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